The Supervised Visitation Center provides safe, secure, neutral visitation services for families experiencing issues of domestic violence, divorce, custody, and probate issues. The Center provides a secure structured environment for children to connect and visit with their non-residential or custodial parent. Our staff are experienced in child development and the impact of trauma/domestic violence on children.

The purpose of the room is to meet the need for optimal observation while maintaining a secure, neutral, and comfortable contact place for children and their non-residential parent. Visits are limited to one family at a time. Our Supervised Visitation Center is strictly an observational Center and does not provide assessments, judgments and does not make recommendations.

Referrals can be made by:

  • The Court System and/or Attorneys
  • Department of Children and Families
  • Counseling Services-child and adult
  • Domestic Violence Programs
  • Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program
    Formerly known as Batterers Intervention Programs
  • Batterers Intervention Programs
  • Other agencies
  • Individuals

Frequently Asked Questions:

A secure, neutral place for children to visit with the non-residential parent.

At the Supervised Visitation Center located at 261 Upper Main Street, Edgartown.

Families who need a secure, neutral, and consistent environment for supervised visits with their children.

Standard visits are weekly from one hour to two hours. Family contracts last as long as they are court ordered or when a family chooses not to engage in services anymore.

Both parties must contact the SVC Case Manager and arrange for individual intakes to start visitation services.  Call 774-549-9667 x 105 to start the process.

Yes. The fee is $35.00 a visit. Both parties must arrange for individual intakes with the Center’s Case Manager prior to determining a visitation schedule.

Yes. Both parties must arrange for individual intakes with the Supervised Visitation Center Case Manager.


Fatine Othmane, SVC Case Manager
774-549-9667 x105