Possible Dreams 2022 raised over $670,000 to ensure that the vital services we provide to our community will be available to the 5,500 Islanders we serve each year.

Photography by Jeremy Dreisen

Couldn’t join us this year? Want to relive your amazing experience? Watch the full show:

Thanks to all who made Possible Dreams 2022 such a success!

We are incredibly grateful to the following people, who came together to create the most successful event in decades.

2022 Possible Dreams Committee

Martha McNally, Co-chair
Rubin Cronig, Co-chair
Tom & Joanne Ashe
Tamara Buchwald
Kelley Connors
Honey Heller
Tony Holand
Sue Kantrowitz
Elijah Laikin
Beth O’Connor
Hasoni Pratts
Barbara Bellissimo, MVCS Staff
Beth Folcarelli, MVCS Staff
Karen Kuhlman, MVCS Staff
Andreina Neves, MVCS Staff
Rebecca Pierce, MVCS Staff
Sherry Truhlar, Red Apple Auctions
Seth Meyers, Late Night with Seth Meyers


Mimi & Peter Haas Fund
Shelley & Allan Holt

Diane Nordin
Ellen Poss
Go Deep Charters
Swartz Foundation

Elizabeth O’Connor & Jonathan Chatinover
John & Pat Kendzierski
Mark McGoldrick
The McNally Family
Johnny Graham – Revel Catering & Events
The O’Hanlon Group | Compass
Samantha Wood
Beth Edwards Harris
Denise Casper
South Mountain Company
Bill Howell
Brissette Electric
Cape Cod 5
Carl Folta & Molly Lemeris
David & Julia Fleischner
Joe & Deborah Loughrey
Karen & David Brush
Karri Lynn Nagle
Lisa & Gary Foster
MV Insurance
Sandpiper Realty
Jim & Pam Schwartz
JMG Family Foundation
Darlene Tocik
Tom & Cyndie Podmajersky
Martha’s Vineyard Bank

Angela & Bob Egerton
Patty Favreau
Arne & Helen De Keijzer
Charlotte & John Klein
Collis/Warner Foundation
David & Victoria Plekenpol
Honey & Keith Heller
Howie & Neva Goldstein
Iris Freeman & Warren Woessner
Island Proofreading
Joe Bower & Liz Potter
Laura & Steve Coleman
Liza & Steve May
Maria Krokidas & Bruce Bullen
MV Teeshirts
Pamela & Bill Craven
Ronald & Bonnie Dunlap
Sandy Pimentel
Sandy Sedacca, Sherwood Ives & Family
The Brudnick Family
The Ritz Cafe
Walter & Scottie Vail
Wiet & John Bacheller

In-Kind Donors

The Black Dog
Dottie’s Potties
Jeremy Dreisen Photography


Mark Forbus
Anh Phan Ho
ShoredUp Digital
Thistle Communications
Tilton Tents & Party Rentals
Winnetu Oceanside Resort

Dream Donors

Adam Epstein
Alexi Ashe Meyers & Seth Meyers
Among the Flowers Cafe
Amy Irving
Amy Schumer & Chris Fischer
Ashe Leandro
Back Door Donuts
Bellissimo Creative
Bentley Boston
Boston Harbor Hotel
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Braintree Police Department
Brooke Adams
Bunch of Grapes
Candia Fischer
Clyde Phillips
Connors Family
Dan Gordon Landscape Architects
David and Betsy Epstein
David Joseph
Dena Pavone
Donaroma’s Nursery
Edgartown Books
Eisenhauer Galleries
Eric Holder
Fred Mollin
GBH Music
Geraldine Brooks
Holly Hodder Eger
Island Alpaca
Jack Davies and Kay Kendall
Janet Scott
Jennifer Smith Turner
JK Designs
Joan Nathan
Johnny Graham/Revel Catering & Events
Jon Ashton
Ken & Maria Cole
Kerri Lynn Nagle
Laure Sudreau and A. Jeffrey Bennett
LeRoux Kitchen
Mara Liasson
Mark Alan Lovewell
Mark Cronin
Martha’s Vineyard Film Society
Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society
Martha’s Vineyard Sharks
Michael Bellissimo
Mike Benjamin
Mink Meadows
Miskovsky Family
Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center
Mocha Mott’s
Morning Glory Farm
MV Glassworks
MV Museum
MV Tee Shirts
MVY Radio

Nantucket Golf Club
Nat’s Nook
Rainy Day
Ralph Lauren
Revive Spa
Robert and Esta Epstein
Sarah Flint
Seasons of Life Ayurveda
Sharon Bialy
Sharon Malone, MD
Sisters of Anarchy
SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt
Sunnyside Rides
Sweet Bites
The Atlantic
The Breakers Palm Beach
The Grey Barn and Farm
The Preserve Club
Tilton Tents & Party Rentals
Tom & Joanne Ashe
Tony Shalhoub
Tracy Leigh Adams
Valora Charters
Vineyard Preservation Trust
Vineyard Sound
White Elephant Palm Beach
Wine + Peace
Photography by Jeremy Dreisen