Possible Dreams 2024 is scheduled for Sunday July 21, 2024. More information will be available soon.

Thank you to everyone involved that helped make Possible Dreams 2023 so successful. We hope that you will join us next year in supporting what is always the Island event of the summer.

This year, alongside the auctioning of unique experiences, MVCS introduced the Art Buchwald Award for Outstanding Community Service in honor of the event’s longtime host, Art Buchwald. The inaugural recipient of this prestigious award is Wiet Bacheller, a former educator and dedicated advocate for children and families. Bacheller’s deep involvement with MVCS spans over four decades, serving on the Board of Directors, initiating the MV license plate program, and volunteering on the Possible Dreams committee. Additionally, she continues to contribute her wisdom and support to various MVCS initiatives. The award was presented at the 45th Annual Possible Dreams event, hosted by Seth Meyers, and donations to MVCS in honor of Wiet Bacheller’s achievements are greatly appreciated.

Possible Dreams 2022

Possible Dreams 2022 raised over $700,000 to ensure that the vital services we provide to our community will be available to the 5,500 Islanders we serve each year. Watch the full event below: