Our Capital Campaign: The Space to THRIVE

As the anchor agency of the Island across all six towns, we offer a steady heartbeat of comprehensive support from birth to old age. In this work, the right space matters. Right now, while our Early Childhood Center is brand new, our main campus is old. Most buildings are dilapidated, leaky, and crowded.  Our core facilities lack elevators, automatic doors, and wheelchair accessibility. Indoors, there is poor ventilation and the walls are too thin for privacy. Outside, a confusing maze of buildings and uneven pathways are challenging for clients of all ages and abilities.  Built in the ‘80s, this aged campus is energy-inefficient and costly to the budget and environment.

It is time to build for the future of community work.

Under the leadership of CEO Beth Folcarelli, our three-year strategic plan calls for transforming our campus into a place worthy of the clients we serve and the work we do.

Community Service Center

Our proposed new Community Service Center will use best-practice design for comprehensive, behavioral health services. Our new facilities will house our outpatient mental health clinic, enhanced urgent care services, counseling and treatment for substance use disorders, disability services, veterans services, and supplemental domestic and sexual violence services—all on campus.

Envision with us…

  • Private space that inspires safety, dignity, and confidentiality for every individual and family.
  • Meeting space that fosters collaboration among service providers and community partners.
  • State-of-art space that allows for hybrid staffing and telehealth-compatible infrastructure.
  • Universally accessible space that welcomes every client arriving on campus.
  • Environmentally-efficient space that offers durability for generations to come.

Space designed to help reduce waitlists amid urgent demand for mental health and other services.

Space designed to evolve and adapt—as programs and times change—to meet the needs of every year-round and seasonal family. A space to THRIVE.

Our first milestones have been met. The initial designs, specs, and budget are approved. One hundred percent (100%) of our Board members have together contributed the first cornerstone gift of $1 million for this transformative capital drive.

Welcome to our new Early Childhood CenterGrand Opening

It is with great pride that we share the Fall 2021 ribbon-cutting for our new Early Childhood Center at MV Community Services. Opening on time and on budget, this spectacular new facility is home to the Island’s only 52-weeks/ten-hours-a-day early education and care center and Head Start program.  More than two dozen Island artists donated works of art to enrich this light-filled, child-centered space that was designed and built by South Mountain in collaboration with our expert educators. This first phase of our MVCS campus transformation was made possible by generous gifts and grants from Islanders like you—helping MVCS meet the needs of working families now and into the future. Come see and experience this magical early learning environment for yourself!  

Help us build the buildings in which an inclusive community can grow safely and sustainably.

Learn more 

Visit our campus in-person to learn more about our current situation and future plans. 


Sandy Sedacca, Capital Campaign and Major Gifts Officer


When each of us is fully all that we can be, our community thrives.