Our staff powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. The program directors and their teams listed below support over 6,000 people a year.

Jennifer Neary

CONNECT to End Violence, Program Director

Phone: (774)-549-9667
Email: jneary@mvcommunityservices.com

Domestic and Sexual Violence Team

  • Heather Arpin
    Education and Prevention Coordinator
  • Haven Huck
    Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Counselor
  • Fatine Othame
    Supervised Visitation Coordinator
  • Emily Medeiros
    Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Counselor
  • Jame Schwab
    Supervised Visitation Coordinator
  • Isadora Brito
    Lead Court Advocate

Beth Wike

Disability Services, Program Director

Phone: (508)-693-7900
Email: bwike@mvcommunityservices.com

Disability Services Team:

  • Kathi Hackett
    Family Support Worker
  • Robin Lowe 
    Island Employment Services
  • Sharon Engler
    Transition Specialist
  • Allyson Syslo
    Island Employment Services

Daybreak Clubhouse:

  • Alicia Nicholson, 508-696-7563

Heather Quinn

Early Childhood Programs, Program Director

Phone: (508)-693-7900
Email: hquinn@mvcommunityservices.com

Early Childhood Programs Team:

  • Sharon Coogan
    Administrative Assistant
  • Judy Thomas
    Program Coordinator

Teaching Staff:

  • Liz Burnham
  • Lia DeRisi
  • Samantha Farthing
    Floater Teacher
  • Alison Ferreira
  • Skylah Forend
  • Elizabeth Francis
  • Felicia Hart
  • Maggie Lindland
  • Sally Listro
  • Amanda Schwab-Doyon
  • Karen Singer
    Multi-classroom Teacher
  • Selma Souza
  • Heather Tilton

Head Start Staff:

  • Cindy Flanders x321
    Program Coordinator
  • Lorena Crespo
  • Jean Crocker
  • Evelyn Vertefeuille
  • Allison Pearce
  • Luciana Fuller
  • Amy Heil
  • Andressa DaCosta

Family Center Staff:

  • Kim D’Arcy, 508-687-9182
    Program Coordinator

Susan Mercier

Island Wide Youth Collaborative, Program Director

Phone: (508)-693-7900
Email: smercier@mvcommunityservices.com

Island Wide Youth Collaborative Team:

  • Ashleigh Poirier
    Family Support Worker
  • Melanie Devaney
    Case Manager
  • Pricila Martins x410
    Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Vogel

Island Counseling Center, Program Director

Phone: (508)-693-7900
Email: jvogel@mvcommunityservices.com


  • Charles Silberstein, MD
    Psychiatrist/Medical Director
  • Dominic Maxwell, MD
  • Tom Bennett, LMHC, LMFT, LADC-1
    Associate Executive Director, Human Right Officer
  • Janet Constantino, FNP-BC, CNS-BC
    Medically Assisted Treatment Program Coordinator
  • David Araujo, LMHC
    Island Intervention Center Director
  • Katherine Villard-Howe, LMHC
    Island Intervention Center Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Dean, RN

Administrative Team:

  • Glenn Stalgren
    Business Administrator
  • Lana BenDavid
    Office Manager
  • Taina’ Chaves
    Administrative Assistant/Interpreter
  • Amy Custis
    Billing Coordinator
  • Brumelha Magri
    Island Intervention Center; Administrative Coordinator/Case Manager/Interpreter
  • Shivani Patel
    Administrative Assistant 
  • Amy Flanders-Sullivan
    Administrative Assistant  

Clinical Supervisors

  • Kathleen Burns-Power
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Gail Gordon
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Jane Sullivan
    Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Team:

  • Apryl Anastacio
  • Janelle Berneche, Lead Clinician
  • Carroll Biesecker
  • Dail Bouchard
  • Susan Bowen
  • Emma Damier
  • Lyndsay Famariss
    CORE Coordinator 
  • Marlon Garcia
  • Ralle Greenberg
  • Eric Johnson
  • Kayla Johnson
  • Carolyn Kildegaard
  • Luiza Muzinho
  • Jeremy Norton
  • Molly Purves
  • Craig Rollins
  • Kerry Saunier
  • Emily Serge
  • Caitlin Sylva
  • Chloe Tagan
  • Nate Torrence
  • Sara Townes

Paraprofessional Staff

  • Elizabeth Ricketts
    Therapeutic Support Specialist
  • Abigail Leighton
    Therapeutic Support Specialist
  • Eric Adams
    Recovery Coach Supervisor
  • Robert Cropper
    Recovery Coach Coordinator
  • Caitlin Burbidge
  • Robert Tankard
    Veterans Outreach Worker/Advocate

Jessica Tartell

Thrift Shop Manager

Phone: 508-693-2278
Email: jtartell@mvcommunityservices.com

Thrift Shop Team:

  • Jamie
  • Sadie
  • Michelle