7 Miles with Meaning

MV Community Services is proud to be participating in the 2020 New Balance Falmouth Road Race as part of the Numbers for Nonprofits Program. Each August, the race draws more than 11,000 runners from around the world to run the iconic seven-mile course. As a participating charity, MV Community Services has the opportunity for a team of runners to run on behalf of MVCS.

This year’s Falmouth Road Race is being hosted virtually. Our charity team will participate in this year’s Falmouth-At-Home by running or walking 7 miles on the Island for the Island.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services connects our Island community to the support they need, when they need it. Our network of educational, social, mental health and wellness services nurture a strong, healthy lifestyle through every stage of life. All funds raised through the 2020 Falmouth Road Race charity team directly benefit the programs and services of MVCS.

The 2020 Falmouth Road Race – At Home Edition will take place Sunday, August 15 – August 29.

All funds raised by the 2020 Falmouth Road Race Charity Team will benefit MVCS six core programs:

“This year my mom (Heather Quinn) became the Director of Early Childhood Programs at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. Her work has opened my eyes to the real challenges people face every day in our community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to use my love of running to support MVCS’ programs.”

– Jack Lionette, 2018 Team Member

“I have been well aware of the many areas MVCS supports those around me in my 15 years on this rock of love. But in the past decade it has taken on far more of a personal meaning as several of my close friends and acquaintances have found careers there as Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Domestic Violence therapists and vocational liaisons.  It’s a support those who support you environment! And now I’m here to support them.”

– Casey O’ Connor, 2018 Team Member