Below you’ll find recent headlines of MV Community Services in the news. If you are interested in connecting with us or writing a story about one of our programs, please contact Mary Korba, Communications Manager at or 508-693-7900 x222.

Massachusetts Plans Opioid Screening and Awareness Day Event
Cape Cod Times| 9.15.20

So much more than a workplace
MV Times | 9.2.20

Chicken Alley Thrift Shop Rises to the Moment
Vineyard Gazette | 8.24.20

Person of the week – Jess Tartell, Thrift Shop Manager
MVYRadio | 8.20.20

Chicken Alley art show goes virtual
MV Times | 8.19.20

Vineyard Current – Chicken Alley Art Show
MVYRadio | 8.16.20

Chicken Alley Sale Goes Virtual
Vineyard Gazette | 8.11.20

Vineyard Current – Possible Dreams Recap
MVYRadio | 8.9.20

Low-number license place auction returns
MV Times | 8.4.20

Low Number License Plates to be Auctioned by MV Community Services
Cape Cod Times | 8.2.20

Possible Dreams Totals Announced
Vineyard Gazette | 7.30.20

MVCS Veterans Outreach Program featuring Tom Bennett
MVTV| 7.29.20

Healthy Aging and IGI give garden kits to seniors
MV Times | 7.28.20

License Plate Is Hot-Ticket Item at Possible Dreams Auction
Vineyard Gazette | 7.27.20

Dreams come true
MV Times | 7.27.20

Still Dreaming for the Good of the Island
Vineyard Gazette | 7.23.20

Possible Dreams Auction goes virtual
MV Times | 7.23.20

Person of the week, Possible Dreams
MVYRadio | 7.23.20

Arts: Celebrities help Cape Cod and Islands virtual fundraisers
Cape Cod Times | 7.21.20

Vineyard Current – Possible Dreams
MVYRadio | 7.19.20

New Community Services CEO Looks to Connect
Vineyard Gazette | 7.16.20

Eyes on IGI
MV Times | 7.15.20

Vineyard Men Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence for Ninth Year
Vineyard Gazette | 7.11.20

Standing against sexual violence
MV Times | 7.11.20

Elizabeth Folcarelli Named CEO Of Vineyard Nonprofit
Falmouth Enterprise| 7.10.20

Affordable Early Childhood Care Sees Acute Shortage on Island
Vineyard Gazette | 7.9.20

Community Services Names New Chief Executive Officer
Vineyard Gazette | 7.8.20

MVCS welcomes new executive director
MV Times | 7.8.20

CONNECT to End Violence to hold seawall event in Vineyard Haven
MV Times | 7.8.20

Men’s Anti-Violence Event Returns to Seawall
Vineyard Gazette | 7.7.20

Chicken Alley reopens to the public
MV Times | 6.26.20

Summer of Pandemic Carries Added Risks for Those Over 65
Vineyard Gazette | 6.26.20

Chicken Alley Thrift Shop Reopening Tuesday on Martha’s Vineyard
Cape Cod Times | 6.21.20

Stepping Up
MV Magazine | 6.18.20

Chicken Alley Reopens Tuesday
Vineyard Gazette | 6.17.20

Chicken Alley set to reopen
MV Times | 6.17.20

Night Casts with Laurel Reddington – Tom Bennett featured
MVYRadio | 6.14.20

Garden kits encourage at-home agriculture
MV Times | 6.11.20

Hospital holds kneel-in against racial injustice
MV Times | 6.5.20

Martha’s Vineyard Organization Responds to George Floyd Death
Cape Cod Times | 6.5.20

MVCS Receives $25,000 Grant
Vineyard Gazette | 6.3.20

‘Change is the new normal’ for Vineyard nonprofits
MV Times | 6.3.20

Dreaming with Seth Meyers
MV Times | 5.29.20

Healthy Aging MV Names New Executive Director
Vineyard Gazette | 5.28.20

The Vineyard Current – Special Edition
MVY Radio | 5.26.20

MV Community Services Sponsors Free Screenings of Anxiety Documentary
Cape Cod Times | 5.18.20

Frontline workers honored with parade
MV Times | 5.12.20

Lighthouses Go Green
MV Times | 5.9.20

For Hospital, Pandemic Forges New Community Partnerships Across Language Barriers
Vineyard Gazette | 5.7.20

Lighthouses Glow Green for Kids
Vineyard Gazette | 5.7.20

MV Community Services Shines Light on Children’s Mental Health
Cape Cod Times | 5.4.20

Seth Meyers hosts Vineyard auction
Cape Cod Times | 5.7.20

Rental assistance for those in need
MV Times | 5.1.20

Seth Meyers to host Possible Dreams Auction
MV Times | 5.1.20

Mental Health Counseling Needs See a Spike on Island
Vineyard Gazette | 4.28.20

Extra Funding Helps Shelter Island Homeless
Vineyard Gazette | 4.27.20

The Vineyard Current – April 26
MVY Radio | 4.26.20

Everyday heroes: Julie Fay
MV Times | 4.25.20

Addiction in isolation
MV Times | 4.20.20

With Domestic Disputes on the Rise, Police, Advocates work to Foster Awareness
Vineyard Gazette | 4.16.20

Domestic disturbance cases on the rise
MV Times | 4.14.20

MVYouth Adds $500,000 to Coronaviris Relief Effort
Vineyard Gazette | 4.11.20

MVYouth gives $500k to COVID-19 Relief 
MV Times | 4.11.20

Martha’s Vineyard Vision Fellowship announces 2020 Fellows
MV Times | 4.10.20

Support COVID-19 relief efforts with MV license plates
MV Times | 4.9.20

MV Community Services Auctioning License Plates for COVID-19 Relief
Cape Cod Times | 4.9.20

Good Shepherd Parish offers drive-up food distribution
MV Times | 4.7.20

Community Heroes Keep the Island Running
Vineyard Gazette | 4.6.20

Person of the Week – Alicia Nicholson – Serving Hands
MVY Radio | 3.26.20

Social Service Agencies Step Up Response to Islanders in Need
Vineyard Gazette | 3.26.20

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Announces Care For Community Program
Cape Cod Times | 3.24.20

M.V. Community Services goes mostly remote
MV Times | 3.25.20

Martha’s Vineyard Officials Provide COVID-19 Update
Cape Cod Times | 3.24.20

Hunkering Down, Reaching Out, Helping Islanders
Vineyard Gazette| 3.23.20

Partners to governor: Islands need help
MV Times | 3.21.20

Island organizations lend a helping hand
MV Times | 3.20.20

Care for Community
Vineyard Gazette| 3.19.20

Community Groups Organize to Help the Vulnerable
Vineyard Gazette| 3.17.20

Martha’s Vineyard Shutters, State Numbers Rise, Hospital Mobilizes for Expected Cases of Coronavirus
Vineyard Gazette| 3.15.20

All Island schools closed for two weeks
MV Times | 3.13.20

Island Disability Coalition Courts local Employers
Vineyard Gazette | 2.21.20

Employer breakfast delves into inclusive employment on MV
MV Times | 2.20.20

A Career of the Heart, 50 years at MV Community Services
Vineyard Gazette | 2.20.20

MV Community Services soon to construct new Early Ed center
MV Times | 2.12.20

Martha’s Vineyard programs promoting white ribbon pledge
Cape Cod Times | 2.12.20

Disability coalition hosts employer breakfast
Vineyard Gazette | 2.12.20

Inaugural ‘Pink Luncheon’ addresses bullying
High School View | 2.12.20

Peer Recovery Support Center holds a ribbon cutting
MV Times | 2.9.20

New Peer Recovery Center Opens
Vineyard Gazette | 2.6.20

Enhanced Access to Detox Services to Continue for Vineyard Residents
Cape Cod Times | 2.4.20

Gosnold detox center will continue to serve Islanders
MV Times | 2.4.20

Independence House, Local Police Receive Part of $3 Million of Violence Against Women Grant Fund
Cape Cod Times | 1.28.20

Nurting Fathers Program
Cape Cod Times | 1.28.20

The Vineyard Current – January 19
MVY Radio | 1.19.20

Martha’s Vineyard License Plate Raffle Raises $9K
Cape Cod Times | 1.2.20

2019 by the numbers
MV Times | 12.26.19

A Year of Shifting Tides – 2019 was time to reflect and act
Vineyard Gazette | 12.26.19

Navigating Parenthood
MV Times | 12.20.19

License Plate Raffle Tickets Going Fast
Vineyard Gazette | 12.16.19

When the Bag Lady Cometh, the Earth Rejoices
Vineyard Gazette | 12.16.19

TeleSANE lauching at hospital
MV Times | 11.26.19

Island Wide Youth Collaborative to expand services
MV Times | 11.19.19

Travel Expense Funding
Vineyard Gazette | 11.14.19

Gifts to Island nonprofits make a big ‘Impact’
MV Times | 11.6.2019

Martha’s Vineyard Transportation Access Program Returns | 11.6.2019

TAP into funding for off-Island travel
MV Times | 11.5.2019

Inclusiveness for All is Goal of Disability Coalition
Vineyard Gazette | 11.5.2019

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Raffling more License Plates | 11.5.2019

Low-number license plate raffle
MV Times| 10.29.2019

Novel Connections with CONNECT
MVY Radio | 10.27.2019

Good Music for a Good Cause at Ladyfest
Vineyard Gazette | 10.17.2019

Ladyfest will amplify Circuit Ave. Saturday
MV Times | 10.16.2019

MV Community Services Executive Director to Retire by Next Summer| 10.12.2019

Julie Fay: Time to play with grand kids
MV Times | 10.8.2019

Community Services Executive Director will Retire
Vineyard Gazette | 10.8.2019

The Vineyard Current
MVY Radio | 10.6.2019

Growing together at Daybreak
MV TImes | 10.3.2019

Community Works: A chat with Beth Wike of the Island Disability Coalition
MV Times | 9.25.19

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Reaches Fundraising Goal | 9.20.2019

MVCS ready to break groud on education center
MV Times | 9.18.2019

Endowment Launches New Impact Grants
Vineyard Gazette | 8.19.2019

Pushing Project Outreach: ‘It’s going to save lives’
MV Times | 8.16.2019

A Sweet Donation
MV Times | 8.14.2019

Popular License Plate Numbers Up for Auction
Cape | 8.12.2019

On the Move With Chicken Alley Art Show
Vineyard Gazette | 8.7.2019

Neighbors Helping Neighbors in a Big Way
Vineyard Gazette | 7.29.2019

Making dreams possible at annual auction
MV Times | 7.29.2019

Possible Dreams Auction Helps Soften Hard Realities
Vineyard Gazette | 7.25.2019

Summer Dreams
MV Times | 7.24.19

Island embraces Food Is Medicine state plan
MV Times | 7.24.19

Island men stand against domestic violence
MV Times | 7.17.19

Standing Up Against the Storm of Domestic Violence
Vineyard Gazette | 7.14.2019

MVCS gets state grant
MV Times | 6.19.2019

AG Healey Awards Over $500K in Grants to Improve Care for At-Risk Children
Cape Cod Today | 6.19.2019

Support for Island Families
MV Times | 6.6.2019

Self-service nutrition kiosk comes to the Vineyard
MV Times | 6.3.2019

Silberstein is New MVCS Medical Director
MV Times | 5.16.2019

Intervention Center is Early Success Story
Vineyard Gazette | 5.16.2019

Island Intervention Center releases pilot-year review
MV Times | 5.15.2019

Martha’s Vineyard Gets State Money for Recovery Support Center
CapeCod Times | 5.10.2019

State awards grant for Island recovery support center
MV Times | 5.8.2019

State Award Aids Substance Use Recovery
Vineyard Gazette | 5.3.2019

MVC Approves Community Services Campus Expansion
Vineyard Gazette | 4.8.2019

MVCS master plan approved
MV Times| 4.5.2019

Cape Cod 5 Announces Martha’s Vineyard Grants
Cape Cod Online | 4.3.2019

MVC Closes Hearing on Community Services Plan
Vineyard Gazette | 3.3.2019

Pledging to end violence against women
MVRHS News | 3.9.2019

Pledging to end violence against women
MVRHS News | 3.9.2019

MVCS Announces 2019 Possible Dreams Fundraiser 
MV Times | 2.20.2019

Lease approved between school and Community Services
MV Times | 1.8.2019

Answering the Call of Domestic Violence
Vineyard Gazette | 12.13.2018

Hard Truths About Relationship Violence 
Vineyard Gazette | 11.8.2018

Gazette Subscription Promotion Benefits Connect to End Violence
Vineyard Gazette | 11.8.2018

LadyFest Rocks With the Beat of Solidarity
Vineyard Gazette | 10.22.2018

LadyFest was a night of female-fueled fun 
MV Times | 10.21.18

Women Take Center Stage at LadyFest Music Festival
Vineyard Gazette | 10.18.2018

Get ready for Ladyfest
MV Times | 10.17.2018

Domestic Violence March Builds Awareness Step by Step
Vineyard Gazette | 10.14.2018

Vineyarders Walk From Darkness Into Light for Suicide Awareness
Vineyard Gazette | 9.29.2018

Islanders emerge from the darkness 
MV Times | 9.29.2018

Bringing suicide prevention into light
MV Times | 9.26.2018

Walking Out of the Darkness for Suicide Prevention 
Vineyard Gazette | 9.26.2018

Max Lane on football and life 
MV Times | 9.26.2018

Patriots Lineman Huddles Up With High School Team
Vineyard Gazette | 9.25.2018

Vigil Marks National Day of Addiction Awareness
Vineyard Gazette | 9.1.2018

Raising awareness, remembering loved ones
MV Times | 8.29.2018

Thrift Shop Heaven at Chicken Alley Sale
Vineyard Gazette | 8.9.2018

Staying Vigilant for Suicide Prevention, All Day Every day
Vineyard Gazette | 8.9.2018

Chicken Alley turns into a secondhand wonderland
MV Times | 8.8.2018

Possible Dreams Auction Is Lifeline for Essential Social Services
Vineyard Gazette | 7.25.18

Dreams coming true
MV Times | 7.25.18

The plates won’t wait
MV Times | 7.18.2018

Dream Girls
The Vine | July 2018

Vineyard Men Stand Tall Against Domestic Violence
Vineyard Gazette | 7.14.2018

Community Services Auctions off Low-Numbered Plates
Vineyard Gazette | 7.9.2018

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Gears up for 40th Annual Possible Dreams Auction | 7.9.2018

Community Services makes the impossible possible
MV Times | 6.20.18

Low-number M.V. license plates to be auctioned
MV Times | 6.12.18

Community Services Opens New Clinic
Vineyard Gazette | 5.23.2018

MVCS celebrates new treatment facility
MV Times | 5.22.2018

Drug Detox Center in Martha’s Vineyard to Open This Month | 5.3.2018

MVCS to expand addiction treatment services
MV Times | 5.2.2018

Student Group Aims to Educate Young Men Around Sexual Assault
Vineyard Gazette  | 4.27.2018

Community Services Opens Clinic to Help Treat Drug Addiction
Vineyard Gazette | 4.26.2018

‘I walk because I care’
MV Times | 4.21.2018

Domestic Violence Awareness Walk Has Added Emphasis
Vineyard Gazette | 4.21.2018

Julie Fay joins hospital board
MV Times | 3.28.2018

High School Agrees to Lease Land for Early Childhood Center
Vineyard Gazette | 3.6.2018

State Money Boosts Shellfish Propagation, Community
Vineyard Gazette | 2.26.2018

State legislators hand-deliver state funds to Martha’s Vineyard
MV Times | 2.23.2018

MVYouth announces $1,219,138 in expansion grants
MV Times | 2.22.2018

MVYouth Awards Over $1.2 Million to Museum and Community Services
Vineyard Gazette | 2.21.2018

Finding your passion is job one 
MV Times | 2.7.2018

Sobering Statistics 
Vineyard Gazette | 1.18.2018

Islanders Living With Disabilities: Navigate Barriers 
Vineyard Gazette | 1.18.2018

Jean Lewellyn Honored for Outstanding Volunteerism
Vineyard Gazette | 1.17.2018

Pilot Detox Program a Success; Alcohol Still number One Issue
Vineyard Gazette | 1.11.2018