When together we answer the call, our community thrives.

Together, we answer the call for community 24/7

We are clinicians and social workers, psychiatrists, counselors, case workers, teachers and volunteers. Embracing community in collaboration with police and primary care physicians, the hospital and Island schools. People who share our belief in the worth and dignity of all.

Programs and Services

Let life throw our way what it will. We are ready. We innovate out of practicality and inspire by example, pouring our best practices, our personal expertise and our powerful network into one innovative model of care. We are committed to ensuring that everyone on Martha's Vineyard has access to the care and services they need.

Community collaboration is key to our success.

While I’m still fairly new on the Island, I’ve worked in policing for 30 years. I’ve never seen a relationship between a community services agency and local police like the partnership Martha’s Vineyard Community Services has with all of the Island’s police departments. In an instance of domestic violence or sexual assault, we know exactly who to call at Community Services and we work closely with them through the entire process. -Bruce McNamee, Chief of Police, Edgartown

Our Impact

0 Survivors of domestic abuse or sexual assault have accessed support through CONNECT to end violence in 2019.
0 hours of therapy provided through the Island Counseling Center in 2019
0 Families touched through our MV Family Center in 2019.

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