“Little River Inlet to East Chop Light to Montauk Point“

As he has for 55,000 miles of training and expeditions over the last 10 years, Adam Nagler will once again embark on an inspiring mission for good. This year’s “epic” covered more than 1,000 ocean miles over 42 paddle days, and with it, the profound experiences and complexity of being on the ocean…on a stock ’14 standup paddleboard.

The endeavor is far from natural as his platform lacks shelter, has little storage space, and almost no open surface area. What would be relatively straightforward tasks, on even the smallest of craft with a tiny cabin (water management, sleep, keeping electronics operational), become efforts requiring uncommon resolve…and technique.

Despite the many tests posed by heavy weather, some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, Pea soup fog at night, triaged water and nutrition and getting up there in age (he will turn 56 a week or so before landing on the Vineyard), he remains focused on his mission; the pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to directly and positively impact the lives of islanders facing mental health challenges.

By enduring the physical and what he calls the “intellectual” trials of being “way out there…alone”, Adam symbolizes the resilience and determination it can take just to get through the day. His expedition serves as a metaphor for the journey that individuals with mental health issues face – a journey that can be isolating, demanding, and filled with uncertainty. 

Through his efforts, Adam focuses the light on the essential value of MV Community Services’ mental health programs, from counseling to Post Traumatic Stress support for veterans to crisis intervention.