Daybreak Clubhouse

The Daybreak Clubhouse offers people living with mental illness opportunities for employment, health and wellness, education and so much more. Daybreak focuses on the strengths of each individual, providing members the opportunity to live, learn and engage in meaningful work while contributing their talents to our Island community.

The Clubhouse supports members with:

  • Life Skills
  • Social / Recreational opportunities
  • Health and Wellness
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness

The Clubhouse offers a supportive environment for members to participate in a variety of activities that improve their quality of life. Through participation at Daybreak, members are able to engage with our community, develop social skills and enhance self-worth.


Daybreak members are comprised of adults ages 18+ with mental illness. Members work together with staff as they overcome obstacles in their lives and work towards achieving maximum vocational and social integration within their community. The Clubhouse welcomes people interested in joining to call or arrange a visit. Clubhouse membership is voluntary, although a referral is required to be made by the member’s doctor.

If you think Daybreak is the right fit for you or your loved one, please provide your Doctor with the downloadable referral form below. Once filled out, the form can be emailed to Alicia Nicholson at


Alicia Nicholson, Program Coordinator
Phone: 508-696-7563