Our clinical team helps children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional, or mental health needs live full, healthy lives. Our staff works with children, adolescents and families to identify needs, build upon personal strengths and develop new skills to help children/adolescents thrive.

Youth counseling services include:

  • Individual, Family and Group therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medication evaluation and monitoring
  • Therapeutic Mentoring/Therapeutic Support Specialists
  • In-Home Therapy

MVCS & The Child Behavioral Health Initiative

Our partnership with MassHealth Child Behavioral Health Initiative enables us to serve our Island’s youth by providing:

The main goal of In-Home Therapy is to improve youth mental health issues and strengthen family structures and supports.

How does it work?
Our team works with families and youth to develop a treatment plan that works for everyone involved. In-Home Therapy focuses on:

  • Problem-solving
  • Strengthening families
  • Identifying and utilizing community resource
  • Developing and maintaining natural supports for youth and parent/caregivers

Therapeutic Mentoring services are provided to youth (under the age of 21) in any setting where the youth resides, such as the home and other community settings.

Therapeutic Mentoring offers structured, one-to-one, strength-based support services to address daily living, social and communication needs. Therapeutic Mentoring services include:

  • Coaching and support
  • Training youth in age-appropriate behaviors
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Functional skill-building
  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Relating appropriately to other youth, as well as adults
  • Supports the behavioral plan developed by the IHT clinician.

MVCS & The Department of Mental Health

The Flexible Support Program provides services to children who suffer from severe emotional and behavioral disorders and to families that may have exhausted financial resources and energy.

Flexible Support Services principles include: family collaboration, are family driven and youth guided, culturally relevant, trauma-informed, strength-based, evidenced-based and/or promising practice and focuses upon sustaining positive outcomes for youth and families.

Flexible Supports provide an individualized set of services designed to prevent out-of-home placement, maintain the youth with his/her family, help the youth function successfully in the community, and assist families in supporting the growth and recovery of their child.  Flexible Support Services are limited to youth who have been authorized by the Department of Mental Health for these services.

To set up an intake or learn more about Child Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) or The Department of Mental Health Flexible Support Services, contact the Island Counseling Center:

Amy Flanders-Sullivan
508-693-7900 x290

Other Child/Adolescent and Family Services:

Department of Children & Families (DCF): Support and Stabilization Services

Our counselors also work closely with the Justice Resource Institute (JRI) to provide the services below. MVCS can refer children to the services, or the Institute can be contacted  directly at (508) 771-3156 x201 or 1-888-889-902 (toll free):

  • Intensive Care Coordination
  • Family Partners
  • In-home behavioral services

Crisis Intervention:

If your child or teen is experiencing an acute mental health crisis, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our crisis team will assess the level of risk, type of service(s) needed, and provide telephone support. They will also determine the best location for our team to provide support if crisis intervention is necessary. 24/7 Tel: 508-693-0032