“A Recovery Coach is a mentor, a guide, a friend, a support person, who helps the person move from wherever they might be, further down their path of recovery.”

A Recovery Coach guides and supports individuals in recovery. The goal of a Recovery Coach is actively involved in helping individuals explore their relationship with substances and establish a foundation of living life without the need for drugs or alcohol. A Recovery Coach incorporates a strengths perspective, building upon people’s resiliencies and capacities rather than focusing upon correcting deficits.

What do coaches do?

  • Act as a peer, mentor and coach.
  • Assist people in creating a wellness plan that identifies the person’s self-determined goals.
  • Shows by example that recovery is possible and attainable.
  • Motivate, support and link to community supports.

Wondering if Recovery Coaching is right for you?

The program works best when people seeking support are actively engaged, and interested in recovery. Coaches will meet you where you are in your recovery process and are available to participants up to 7 hours per week.


Robert Cropper
Phone: 508-693-7900 x451
Email: rcropper@mvcommunityservices.org

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