to children, adults, elders, and families for a stronger and healthier community.

For over 60 years, MV Community Services has been a cornerstone of support for our island’s diverse needs. From our youngest to our eldest Islanders, we are dedicated to providing unwavering service to children, adults, elders, and families, ensuring our community grows stronger and healthier every day.

Community Behavioral Health Center

Innovation and access are at the heart of mental health care.

With our new designation as a Community Behavioral Health Center, we are at the vanguard of mental health services. The Island Counseling Center is set to provide unprecedented levels of care, utilizing Evidence-Based Practices to cater to a spectrum of needs, from housing insecurity to trauma. Our multi-disciplinary team ensures that comprehensive service is not just a promise, but a reality for all Islanders.

Early Childhood Programs

A child’s earliest experiences shape their tomorrow.

Our early childhood programs are the nurturing ground for our youngest Islanders. Under the guidance of Heather Quinn, we partner with families, emphasizing strength-based approaches to foster a child’s development within the context of their family and community. We understand that high-quality interactions between children and caregivers are crucial for brain development, setting the foundations for success in school and beyond.

Substance Use Disorder Services

Recovery is a journey that begins with a single, hopeful step.

John Tau’s story is one of many that encapsulate the transformative journey of recovery. At MV Community Services, we offer comprehensive support for individuals striving to overcome substance use disorders. Our services are a beacon of hope, providing essential connections to recovery coaches and support systems that champion the happiness and well-being of every person looking to start anew.

We cannot do our work without your help, but when together we answer the call, our community thrives.