Ultra-endurance athlete to launch 1,000-mile fundraising expedition

OAK BLUFFS, MA. (June 20, 2023) – Martha’s Vineyard Community Services (MVCS) announces that they are the chosen beneficiary of Adam Nagler’s “Wicked 1000”–a thousand-mile, solo, self-supported ocean crossing by standup paddleboard.

As he has for 55,000 miles of training and expeditions over the last 10 years, Nagler will once again embark on an inspiring mission for good. This year’s epic will cover more than 1,000 ocean miles over 42 paddle days, and with it, the profound experiences and complexity of being at sea…on a stock 14-foot paddleboard.

His target launch date is Saturday, June 24 when he will head out the Little River Inlet in South Carolina. He is scheduled to land at the Vineyard’s East Chop Light early August. After a long sleep, a celebration with the MVCS team and a resupply, Nagler will re-launch to complete the remaining 250 miles of the expedition through southern New England; with a final landing at Montauk Point, New York.

By enduring the physical, and what he calls the “intellectual” trials of being “way out there…alone”, Nagler symbolizes the resilience and determination it can take just to get through the day. His expedition serves as a metaphor for the journey that individuals with mental health issues face–a journey that can be isolating, demanding and filled with uncertainty. Through his efforts, Nagler focuses the light on the essential value of Community Services’ mental health programs, from counseling to post-traumatic stress support for veterans to crisis intervention. “It’s an honor that Adam chose MVCS to be the beneficiary of the Wicked 1000,” said Beth Folcarelli, MVCS Chief Executive Officer. “We’re so grateful for his commitment and look forward to welcoming him to the Vineyard later this summer.”

Adam Nagler said, “Every day during the years of preparation and training, and every day I’m out there on course, I only have two really big ideas in my head: ‘All in for the cause’ and ‘Win the 4th overtime’. Do good and be great that’s the mission.”

Nagler’s journey can be tracked at https://share.garmin.com/AdamNagler
Donations in honor of the “Wicked 1000” can be made at

Adam Nagler coming ashore after many hard miles “Wicked 1000”, planned route pc: Jim Mondani Source: Adam Nagler / Navionics
Left: Adam Nagler coming ashore after many hard miles “Wicked 1000”. Right: planned route pc: Jim Mondani Source: Adam Nagler / Navionics

Nagler welcomes media inquiries during his journey. He can be reached through his Safety Manager, Paul Kelly, via telephone at 802-375-3000 or via email at pkelly@burrburton.org.

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