Every month, the Family Center collaborates with the Island’s local libraries, schools, churches, businesses and more to create opportunities for parents to connect, children to play, and so much more. 

Our September Calendar:

Download the PDF calendar below

Group Descriptions:

A monthly discussion group that enriches the lives of children, families touched by or considering adoption. We provide education, support, communication and resources to all. Pre-registration required.

An open discussion group for parents with a child up to the age of 1 year – Parents have an opportunity to share concerns and questions and discuss issues around infant feeding, sleeping and day to day development in his/her first year of life.

Join the Family Center for a unique Portuguese and English story time lead by local libraries.

This is for any parent looking for a quiet moment to talk with other parents about parenting issues and child development. This multi-week series requires pre-registration and offers onsite childcare.

An open playgroup on Saturday afternoons (3:00pm-4:30pm) at the Tisbury school gym (in winter) and at local playgrounds during the warmer months. The Family Center provides all materials for activities.

A monthly hands-on series that invite program invites families to explore our monthly themes in a fun, educational and interactive way at various locations in our community. Learn with Me programs have included trips to The Farm Institute, John Keene Excavation, Polly Hill Arboretum, Felix Neck and many more!

A facilitated activity to move with your children. This group provides a great opportunity for big body movement. The Family Center provides mats, hula hoops, parachutes, balls, and music.

An open playgroup on Thursday mornings – This play time is held at different island parks and properties each week from early May until late November. Playgroups are sometimes canceled due to weather, please check the Family Center Facebook page for information.

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meets one evening a month with members of the Family Center staff. Parents are welcome to join the PAC or attend a meeting at any time to share an opinion, question or concern about the program. Parent feedback is used extensively in program planning, design and implementation. PAC members share in the leadership of the group by taking turns leading meetings, setting meeting agendas and completing tasks set by the group. All parents are invited and encouraged to become involved.

Monthly Workshops cover various topics such as sibling rivalry, sleep shaping, financial education and nutrition. Parent feedback is used to determine the monthly topics for this continuing education. These workshops usually include dinner and childcare. All workshops require pre-registration for both attendance and childcare.

An open playgroup held on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Play with Me emphasizes the importance of families being children’s first educators. This is a facilitated playgroup that focuses on monthly themes.

A collaboration with the MV Ice Arena that invites families to bring strollers onto the ice! Parents and caregivers can skate around and push strollers/wheelchairs for this special once-a-month Stroller Skate. *this event only takes place in the winter months.

Parenting Journeys is a support group for parents raising children 0-8 yrs old with special needs. Dinner & Childcare are provided at meetings and pre-registration is required. Call the Family Center to register.

Messy Play is an arts and crafts playgroup that gives parents the chance to get messy outside their home! 

Discovery Fridays is a collaboration with the Edgartown Library. Learn, explore, and discover new things at the Library each week.

Barn Buddies is a great chance for families to stay active and connect with parents in the off-season. The Family Center will provide scooters, bikes, and more. *this is a winter group.